Nate Coleman - Lead and Rhythm Guitars

 Nate brings years of guitar dedication and band experience to the stage.  Nate spent his wonder years in the 80’s and was influenced and inspired to make music the main focus of his life.  He practiced for countless hours, took tons of private lessons, went to guitar camp (NGSW) and graduated from Berklee College of Music.  Nate has written and recorded songs with multiple bands both in New England and in Los Angeles, CA.  Nate is a dedicated guitar teacher and works hard to help his students achieve their musical goals.  Now he helps transport that awesome 80’s music back to the present so everyone can rock out in the 21st century. Nate shreds on his vintage Gibson Les Paul or ESP Flying V and runs his guitars through Marshall amps.  Nate has been involved in a number of musical projects including Dead Reckoning, Crype, Ten Mile Burial, Cellar Dinge and Head Band Head.